$500 Deposit Match

100% up $500 every month


While other sites only give you a limited time to earn your match back, Real Gaming lets you match your funds up to $500 EVERY MONTH!

  1. Deposit up to $500 on Real Gaming
  2. Play to unlock your deposit match!


    • Offer valid until further notice.


    • To be eligible for the Deposit Match a player must have a valid and verified Real Gaming account. A player is required to deposit a minimum of $20 to receive the match funds.


    • The match funds are awarded to a player’s account, incrementally as the player earns a Tier Score. $10 in match funds will be released for every 100 Tier Score. The match funds will appear within 72 hours of earning the bonus.


    • The amount of the match funds will be 100% of the player’s Real Gaming deposit, up to a maximum of $500. If a player’s deposit is greater than $500 the player will be eligible to earn a maximum of a $500 match funds.


    • Players have until the end of the calendar month to complete the deposit match process for deposits made during that month.


    • All house rules apply.


  • Management reserves the right to modify the promotion at any time.


  • Tier Score is accumulated starting from the day you deposit. EXAMPLE: Deposit made on July 14th, all Tier Score earned prior to that date does not count toward deposit match promo. Only Tier Score  earned on July 14th and later will be counted.


  • If there are multiple deposits during the month, the first deposit will be the date that we use for the start of your deposit match totals.


$500 Deposit Match

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